1. False gestures of rain

  2. My good friend in her younger days, this was Suzzie Yazzie here. I picked this photo up from the visitor center of Navajo national monument it was awesome to see how she looked when she was young this was one talented lady! I do miss her!

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    Professional cowgirl and runner up in the world championship relay race, Barbara Inez “Tad” Lucas of Cody, Nebraska

    Date: 1924 - 1926?
    Negative Number HP.1999.06.5

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    National Monuments #1: Scotts Bluff, Nebraska

    Scotts Bluff National Monument is outside the town of Scottsbluff, and the different spellings confuses the hell out of me. This was one of the major sites along the Oregon Trail (where growing up many of us died of ‘dysentery’ from our elementary school computer labs). It may shock many of you to know this is a real place, and even a National Park Service site. The chalky rocks that make up this formation tower over the surrounding plains the mark your entry into the west.


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  5. This is the site of my next photo shoot…….who wants to be my model?
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  6. If I lived nearer to more people I would give you more pictures of people, but I’m always under the sky and it is a fascinating, wonderful always changing Navajo sky….. The sky’s the limit!

  7. Terra Firma & Sky

  8. On the sides of Red Mesa
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  9. "The way home"

  10. Run live and prosper!! Nizhoni!
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